Substandard drugs

Published at February 14, 2019 01:55 AM 0Comment(s)1584views

Substandard drugs

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the banning of some prescription drugs. We wonder how many times government had done the market check whether the banned drugs have been recalled and are not sold anymore! The government gives a darn about the implementation of the policies; it only knows how to make noise to benefit from it. It is no secret that administrators and people in the government are hand-in-glove with the drug manufacturing firms who are making millions by selling poor quality medicines in Valley. The government must do a reality check on the firms operating in some industrial areas of Jammu who manufacture and trade substandard drugs. In the past there were allegations against a health minister as people accused the minister of having ties with the drug manufacturing units. The matter was never probed properly. We now request the Governor administration to initiate a probe of drug manufacturing units based in J&K. We are absolutely certain that many skeletons will tumble off the closet.    

Sameer Lone


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