Srinagar techies launch online blood bank site

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Srinagar techies launch online blood bank site

Peer Viqar Ul Aslam

Mohammad Yasir, a techie from Lal Bazar, Srinagar launched an essential web portal that organises Blood donors, ready to donate at times of emergency for patients across Jammu and Kashmir.
Ehsas Blood donation, the web portal has been active since January 2017, promoting the blood donations campaigns and arranging blood points for critical and emergency cases within minutes of the advert published on the website.
The website employs advanced features to send customised notifications to hundreds of its registered donors and triggers mass social media response to arrange blood for the patients to help save precious lives.  
 Mohammad Yasir, Founder Ehsas Blood Donation website said, "I saw a lady at SMHS hospital crying,  who was unable to find a blood donor for her husband undergoing surgery."
 While Yasir was standing there, Another patient suffering from cancer was in dire need of the rarest O  negative blood group but none of their families members matched for the donation, and the Hospital  was unable to arrange it for them. 
 "This moved me deeply and I called a friend who runs a news portal and minutes later after he  uploaded the blood requirements on social media, I was overwhelmed by the response," said Yasir  "That is how I got the idea and I went home to develop a sample template for the website. 
 Yasir, wanted to develop an advanced portal so he called all his tech savvy friends, setting up a  meeting with them explaining his idea and how this could help save numerous lives.
 Yasir alleged "While surveying hospitals, I found they have no mechanism in place to promote blood  donations, proper counselling to blood donors, or an organised pattern to encourage more people to  volunteer as blood donors. 
Hujat Ul Islam, founder of SOA Web Technologies, who initially started to work on the website, that registers blood donors and sets a date when they can donate blood, Keeping in view the health advisory a donor can not donate in less than 90 days from the last donation date. 
Hujat Ul Islam told the Rising Kashmir "I was really impressed by the idea as it was the first blood donation management website from Jammu and Kashmir, people should register and come forward
to save precious lives."
Explaining the health He said that it reduces risks of heart attacks, prevents liver damage, stimulates corpuscle, lowers risk of cancer and Lowering cholesterol. 
"It does not only have health benefits but as the Holy Qur'an says that if you save one human life it is as if you save all humanity," added Islam 
However, the website has handled by Amir Samad Hanga, another developer from the beginning, who tirelesly worked to equip the website with advanced design and features. 
The rare O negative blood group donors are reserved for emergency situations and are only called or notified on priority, while the website is slowly progressing and has managed more than 50 points of blood for various patients who posted their requirements on the website. 
Technically the website has been entirely managed by Amir Samad Hanga from Lal Bazar is handling the website and updating the requirements constantly on the social media, the website has proven very essentials in handling blood donor requirements in time bound situations. 
Amir Samad Hanga told the Rising Kashmir "Our aim is to bridge the gap between a volunteer and the needy person and the Internet is the best medium with which it can be achieved successfully." 
The members of Ehsas Web Portal claim that in just a few months, hundreds of people have registered themselves for the ‘Volunteer Blood Donation’ purpose. They state their mission to serve the mankind irrespective of caste, colour, and region or religion. 
The objective behind the website is to streamline the voluntary blood donations management and ensure the blood banks can fulfil the requirements every day. 
"The initiative Ehsas Ek Zindagi Bachanay Ka was greatly supported by my Facebook friends Amir Samad Hanga, Murtaza Shantoo, Ahmad Munawar, Junaid Ahmad, Aadil Altaf, Peerzada Musadiq, Nasir Raheed and Wani Nusrat." added Yasir  
The website for registration as Blood donors can be reached on 

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