SMC and politicking

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SMC and politicking

A report on missing manhole covers in Srinagar city, published in Rising Kashmir on January 14, tried to bring out the prevailing conditions in the city municipal limits. As the report revealed manhole covers are missing in many localities of the city including Lal Chowk, Residency Road, Haba Kadal, Hazratbal, Batamaloo market, Jehangir Chowk, Sakidafar Chowk, Ellahi Bagh and Khanyar. Residents and shopkeepers in these localities allege that they had approached the authorities but no repairs were done. The vexed residents say that the uncovered manholes have turned into death traps with accidents occurring frequently as drivers and riders hit these pits. Srinagar Municipal Corporation has been in the news for quite some time and mainly for wrong reasons. After the episode of allegations and counter allegations related to abuse and corruption, the city had turned into a cesspool with employees observing strike for days. As has been indicated by the residents, the SMC officials and workers seem to be more into politics than real work. The Corporation has become the talk of the town for unwarranted reasons. While the Corporation officials have been bragging about transforming Srinagar into a model city, they will do a great service to the people and the city if they start by cleaning the mess they have created within the corporation. Srinagar Municipal Corporation is no podium for political bickering and is an important institution so far as public services are considered. It is of least importance to the people as what political credentials are shared by the SMC bosses. The Governor’s administration has preferred to remain silent on the sanctity of this institution that has been hit recently. If the politicization of the bodies that render essential services in the city and other districts is not stopped, it may reflect badly on the overall governance of the state. The Corporation heads must put on their thinking cap and not behave like toddlers, as there are collective responsibilities to take care of. Corporators are neither judged by their political affiliation nor by the glib talk but by their abilities, vision and real work on ground. There are number of issues of public concern in the city that need to be addressed. A divided Corporation over petty issues is unlikely to be tolerated by the people. The administration must put the house in order with needed intervention as the tussles have brought only bad name to government. Elections didn’t prove much, at least the actions of the corporators must speak for them, for all that they deserve.      



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