Shah Faesal’s Resignation: Tragedy with a difference

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Dr.Masoon Ahmad Beig

It was very chilly day in Kashmir when hot news hit the TV and mobile Screens that the 2009 IAS topper is all set to resign and to join main stream politics.

As the day passed in the evening Faisal himself tweeted about his resignation sighting the reasons of unending cycle of violence and killings in Valley.

On one hand Faesal’sresignation is a ray of hope for the voiceless people of Kashmir as they are under state’s yoke since decades and want a onetime solution to Kashmir problem.

Although, India and Pakistan are at front but there are many south Asian countries behind the curtains playing their role in Kashmir problem?

Now it is official that the first IAS topper from Kashmir has resigned and it has led to hot debate among the stake holders.

Resignation of the IAS officer is a huge loss to the Indian bureaucracy. He has and could have served people better as an IAS officer as is obvious from his ten years of tenure heading various departments as an IAS officer.

Till his resignation he was the aspiration and youth icon of the young generation but now he has lost the ground among the Kashmiris.

His resignation is not less than a tragedy as they have lost their role model and youth icon of the Valley. If sources are to be believed that he has a tied a knot with one of the leading political party of Jammu and Kashmir and is going to contest as Loksabha candidate from north Kashmir on National Conference (NC) ticket.

His alignment towards NC has put people in dilemma as he is resigning and questioning the bloodshed in the Valley, but joining hands with the people who have stains of Kashmiri blood on their hands.

Although, during the press conference Faesaldenied the reports that he is joining any mainstream party but in the same press conference he is admiring that he has many meetings with former chief minister Omer Abdullah which is fishy in itself.

Now entry of Faesalinto politics is almost done but keeping in view his resignation grounds and aspirations of people he should revisit his plan of joining politics and that too with mainstream party of Kashmir.

Faesal’syou know that the people of Kashmir are the worst hit victims of conflict, deprived of their rights and living in doldrums.

Another tragedy is that Faesal’s may become scapegoat at the hands of India as behind the curtains there seems that he may be used by India to make the election successful in Kashmir, so act wisely.

Last tragedy is that if Faesalmakes his own party and contests election from all 87 seats as suggested by various sections of society, the voter turnout will be high, but at the same time this will also prove disastrous as this will sent a bad signal to the UNO that the people of Kashmir believe in Indian Democracy and the Kashmir resolution will remain as it is till dooms Day and there will be no end to conflict, killings and violence.

It is high time for Shah Faesalthat if he is really worried about the aspirations of Kashmiri people and want to end to this cycle of violence then he should think again before taking the next step.

Author teaches Geography at GDC Kulgam




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