Shah Faesal: I wish I am proven wrong

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Malik Nazir Ahmad

Dear Brother

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for such an unbelievable and unimaginable act of bravery to resign from an elite IAS service; an act of melodrama, as I observe it, full of romance and gothic thrill. It really needs more calibre to deny such position than making up to.

I am appreciative of what you have done and got what you wanted to achieve from an MBBS doctor to an IAS officer. The bureaucrat in you must have felt suffocated for Indian civil service does put curbs on your free thinking.

Thus u have attained new heights by breaking the chains of mental slavery where I see u a “Free bird, no net ensnaring you.”

After your much awaited press conference,you cleared your intentions with clarity of thought that majority believes is true. Your resignation was followed by a few more and it seems that it may become a new trend in future.

What shocked me the most is that your resignation has changed the discourse in the Valley as well as outside the valley with insiders treating you as an old wine in new bottle and staunch pseudo- nationalists label you as stooge of Pakistan and an agent.

People of the valley seem more curious and concerned about your decision of joining politics,it looks like killings, CASOs,Article 35-A have turned abruptly irrelevant to discuss.

I congratulate you for that but at the same time I would like to ask, “What does it take for people of valley to change colours?”

How is it that it takes no time to break promises and switching between sentiments? We have seen people with even greater potential speaking tall about political issue of Kashmir but ending up either as Iago’s' of time or Imogen’s of history. Hope you won't prove the same.

Having said that let me confess that I am very sceptical about your decision and a man of your stature can understand why! It is because we have been betrayed by our own people.

How can one forget that political leadership of our state has miserably failed in bringing the political problem of the state to any conclusion for seven long decades?

It is the disenchantment and disillusionment of past seventy years that makes one think on opposite lines. It is harsh to mention that you’ll end up and surrender like your predecessors because you will feel more asphyxia in politics than a civil servant if you are a man of conscience.

Kashmir has witnessed tough times because our political elite has never been sincere in resolving the problems Kashmiris have been confronting.

The faith and belief of a common man like myself is completely shattered and I was desperately looking for an occasion to give vent to my feeling regarding your choice of new career.

Let me remind you the fact that we have many instances when mainstream political groups appear more vocal about the resolution of Kashmir issue and good governance.

They are never tired of talking about people and their problems but in governance all the promises go the other way.

Undoubtedly your sacrifice may seem big but not bigger than thousands of young boys who sacrificed their lives for an idea.

You were having position,time and opportunity to serve the people of your land by means of many ways and would have immortalised yourself in their hearts.

Unfortunately,your idea of joining the political establishment, I fear is going to add an additional chapter of betrayal to the history of our Valley but still I respect your emotions.

You set a unique example of protest which perhaps no one can think,therefore you are admirable. You want peace and so does every other Kashmiri, but there is a difference of opinion.

Before I end let me share my last concern with you.

We are brothers even though we may have different opinions. Indeed you set an example but politics is something beyond your ingenuity and time will decide itself.

I wish I am proven wrong if you could break the stereotype of political ambitions and opportunism.

All the best for your new innings.



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