Seminar to honor Professor Hajini concludes at Aligarh

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 A two-day (18-19 March) seminar on Professor Mohidin Hajini was organized by Department of Modern Indian Languages, Aligarh Muslim University, in Aligarh in collaboration with Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages.
Pertinent to mention here that Professor Mohidin Hajini was the alumnus of Aligarh Muslim University.
Speakers in the seminar said he carried on Sir Syed’s vision and mission perfectly.
Speakers said Mohidin Hajini worked day and night to promote the art and culture of Kashmir.
An interesting fact shared by a participant was that Sir Syed Ahmad Khan himself was born on 1817 and Professor Hajni was born on 1917, exactly a century later after Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.
The seminar commenced with a welcome address delivered by Dr Abdul Majid Khan, Associate Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, AMU, Aligarh.
The seminar was introduced by Dr Mushtaq Ahmad Zargar, Associate Professor, Department of Modern Indian Languages, followed by traditional Kashmiri Sufiana music performed by a group of leading Kashmiri artists namely Ustad Mohammad Ismail Bhat and his team.
Dr Mushtaq Ahmad Zargar introduced Professor Hajini as a great literary figure who was well-read and well-versed with traditional and modern sciences.
Dr Mushtaq said Professor Hajini was less interested in achieving the publicity, as he several times denied the elevation of his status. He (Dr Hajini) has highlighted his stay at Aligarh Muslim University, where he completed his M. Arabic, LL. B. and Diploma in Journalism respectively, Dr Mushtaq said.
Professor Sanauallah Parwaz presented the key note address. Finally the session ended with the vote of thanks delivered by T N Satishan who highlighted the relevance of science and religion with special reference to literary works of Professor Hajini.
Professor Parwaz also praised the Kashmiri Sufi music. Professor Mastan delivered the presidential address who also praised and appreciated Professor Hajini’s vision and mission.


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