Selection of Yogi Adityanath as UP CM shocking: Tarigami

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Senior CPI(M) leader and MLA Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami Monday said that selection of Yogi Adityanath as Chief Minister of UP is shocking.
“Adityanath is not only a known religious bigot but a person who faces trial on charges of incitement to communal rioting and attempt to murder,” Tarigami said in his statement issued today.
He added: “The choice of Adityanath, who has a dubious history of pronouncing very controversial and divisive statements clearly shows that BJP has dismantled the façade of moderation and has come out in the open, with the real communal agenda of Hindutva and Hindu Rashtra.”
“It is also clear that BJP has its eye on 2019 Lok Sabha elections, for which the communal cauldron, which Adityanath could keep simmering, is necessary. BJP is, undoubtedly, building up its divisive agenda for the purpose. Those individuals, groups and parties who had illusions about RSS-BJP combine and thought that perhaps the combine will soften its stand and modify its ideology, must have now realized that the forces, which feed on communal politics cannot leave or change their original agenda,” he said, adding the biggest concern of all the progressive and well meaning elements in the country at present should be to unite and strongly resist the communal onslaught on the Indian polity and its cultural ethos.
“In case of complacency by the secular and progressive forces, the present ruling clique will undermine the authority of democratic institutions and will also weaken the spirit of the country’s constitution. Needless to say that polarization will further increase and the nation will be divided on religious and caste lines,” he said.
He said that the UP verdict and the installation of Yogi Adityanath as Chief Minister, underlines that there is an immediate requirement of a clear cut alternative with a strong political and ideological platform.
“This platform can be provided by the left, secular and democratic forces which could safeguard the secular- democratic foundations of the Indian Republic. The horrible communal monster has to be defeated by the sustained and strong struggle of the masses so that it does not eat into the vitals of the genuine Indian polity and ethos,”
The victory of BJP in the recent elections and the crowning of the hardliner RSS activist, Yogi Adityanath as UP’s Chief Minister will have serious implications on the J&K situation, he said.
“ Since the central government has not budged from its position to deal with the Kashmir situation, the things will go from bad to worse. Apart from addressing the routine livelihood issues, J&K calls for liberal political inputs and a credible dialogue process, which could pave the way for resolving the issue which has been plaguing the state for decades now,” he said.
“It is unfortunate that the government has relied exclusively on the use of force, arrests and intimidation, while as the objective situation demands taking up of bold Confidence Building Measures and political initiatives. In addition, there is also an urgent need to normalize the relations with neighbors, especially Pakistan, as it is J&K which bears the brunt of cross border firing, bloody encounters, collateral loss and large looming uncertainty,: Tarigami said, adding it seems that the BJP’s victory and Yogi’s installation, is an indicator that the centre will further harden its stand and renounce the political process.
“The way RSS-BJP has conducted itself in the recent elections in UP has wounded the Kashmir psyche and added to alienation. This phenomenon is dangerous not only for the state of J&K but for the entire country,” Tarigami said.



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