SBM employees demand regularization

Published at July 13, 2018 03:55 AM 0Comment(s)2106views

Say most of them on verge of starvation

Musaib Mehraj


Saakshar Bharat Mission (SBM) employees who are working as contractual for the past seven years demand regularization as the employees are facing immense economic deprivation.

In J&K near about 6000 youth were appointed under the centrally sponsored scheme Saakshar Bharat Mission in 2011 at different levels are facing a lot of problems due to delay in their regularization of services.

“Despite having approached the higher officials for the regularization of services, we were promised that the regularization would be done in near future but the process is stuck in education department due to unknown reasons,” said Riyaz ul Haq, one of the employees.

The employees are facing economic thrust as they believe they are being paid a meager amount of money and the demands in today’s life are hard to meet.

“The wages per month is not sufficient according to the Minimum Wages Act which has put all the employees and our families in a mental trauma and most of the employees are on the verge of starvation,” he said.

Employees further claimed that their services are being utilized for examination duty, academic support, elections and other surveys but without any response and avail.

The employees alleged that there is no clear job policy for them. “Government made a road map for daily rated workers but they have ignored us completely,” they said.

“Last year we presented with the job policy that was forwarded to Education Minister who forwarded the same to Director Education. The report has now been stuck at Commissioner’s Office and we are left as we were,” Riyaz said.

He added that we want to highlight the issue and also want Governor to intervene in the matter as they are reeling under serious economic issues.


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