Safety, security of JK Bank concern of every citizen: Soz

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Senior Congress leader and former union minister, Prof. Saifuddin Soz, on Wednesday said that the “safety and security of J&K Bank should be concern of every citizen of the State.”
“I have satisfied myself that there is no threat to the concerns of the employees of the Bank. It is the depositors who should feel secure and satisfied and it is also a fact that they, the depositors, will feel satisfied only when the RTI Act will be made applicable to the Bank,” Soz said in a statement issued here.
“It is so tragic that even after the comprehensive decision by the State’s Information Commission making RTI Act applicable to the bank on 24-04-2012, the Bank refused to agree to the application of the Act,” he said. Soz said that the moot-point was that the depositors have always to feel satisfied that their deposits are safe. “It is after Nirav Modi cheated the PNB to the tune of Rs. 11000 crores and ran away abroad that we came to know that he had also cheated J&K Bank by Rs. 125 crore,” he said. “Is that loss not related directly to the depositors of the J&K Bank.”
Soz said that he doesn’t agree with the constitutional reforms undertaken by the Governor as such reforms must be left to the elected government only.



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