RTI unearths scandal in IGMSY scheme in Dooru

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RTI unearths scandal in IGMSY scheme in Dooru

Shafat Mir

Dooru (Anantnag):

 An RTI query has found major embezzlement of funds in Social Welfare Department in Anantnag.
As per this query, the child development project officer (CDPO) Shameema Akhter has been accused of diverting funds to several bank accounts, which is meant for the poor women under Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), which are allocated under Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojana (IGMSY).
IGMSY is a maternity benefit program run by the government of India for poor women.
According to official sources, Shameema Akhter, who is currently posted as Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) in Dooru Anantnag, is accused of embezzlement of funds under IGMSY scheme and enjoys a good influence in the state bureaucracy.
An applicant after filing an RTI, under No. CDPO/LP/17/66-67 Dated 1/6/2017 was able to unearth that lakhs of rupees under the scheme, since last three years, have been credited, from the official account for IGMSY account NO 0044010200000106, to some officials by I/C CDPO Shameema Akhter through cheques.
The said officer has also violated the guidelines laid down for this scheme.
The IGMSY is a conditional maternity benefit scheme which aims to uplift the poor by providing a cash incentive of Rs 6000 to poor women at the time of delivery of a child. According to guidelines, it is mandatory for the recipient to provide her personal bank account number to the CDPO office for the transfer of cash incentive. The beneficiary under no circumstances can avail this cash incentive by getting the amount transferred to any other account. The amount cannot be transferred to even the husband’s account of beneficiary lady, neither can it be given directly in hard cash or any other form to the beneficiary, as per the norms laid down for this scheme.
As per the RTI, it clearly indicates that majority of the beneficiaries enlisted in the office records are fictitious and actual funds have been transferred to some other accounts, which is a sheer embezzlement of funds, misuse of official authority, and violation of rules/norms laid down by the IGMSY scheme.
The ICDS programming officer Anantnag said that, “The enquiry and the investigation into this matter is currently on and the Additional Deputy Commissioner Anantnag has been deputed as the inquiry officer. We will be sharing the findings once we reach some conclusion.”



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