Rs 50 for a tea cup, Rs 50 for charging mobile

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Jammuites make hay while the sun doesn’t shine
Sikh community opens gates of Gurdwaras for stranded Kashmiri passengers

Rs 50 for a tea cup, Rs 50 for charging mobile

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Jammu, Feb 12:

 Kashmir-bound passengers stranded in Jammu for past three weeks due to highway closure have been facing immense problems with the Jammuites charging them Rs 50 for a tea cup and Rs 50 for charging mobile once.
The callous attitude of the local Jammu population toward them has made things more worse even as the rightwing BJP and RSS backed anti-Kashmir protests are intensifying, sending shock and scary waves among the people from Kashmir, especially women and kids.
Sensing trouble, the Jammu City Police has asked the stranded passengers not to assemble anywhere for registration.
He made it clear that nowhere in Jammu city were stranded passengers being registered for air lifting.
The stranded passengers, who are short of money and other resources, are finding it hard to fill their belly.
“I was asked to pay Rs 50 to charge my cell phone by a shopkeeper in Jammu. That time I realized, some people in Jammu city have extensive greed for money and that they seek pleasure in exploiting the helpless. I truly believe in Kashmiriyat and am sure if these people will face the same situation in Kashmir, they will get a red carpet welcome,” said Ghulam Muhammad Bhat from Aligund Tral.
These passengers, who have been urging the government to take immediate steps to clear the road or airlift them to Kashmir, are spending their nights at bus stand, Masjids, and shrines.
“We look like beggars here. The administration is doing nothing for us,” said another stranded passenger.
As the RSS and BJP backed protests against stranded passengers intensified on Tuesday, some philanthropists from Sikh community opened up gates of several Gurudwaras for these Kashmir-bound stranded passengers.
The local protesters accused Kashmiri stranded passengers of raising pro-Pakistan slogans during an anti-government demonstration in Kashmir.
“Dear all Kashmiris, especially Muslim brothers and sisters who are stranded at Jammu Bus Stand due to closure of Jammu Srinagar Highway are requested to go to any Gurdwara in Jammu like Chand Kour, BC Road, Nanak Nagar and Digiana Ashram. Sikh community has started free langar (community kitchen) and accommodation for everyone,” wrote one Channi Singh on his Facebook account.
Reports said over a thousand people are stranded due to the highway closure.
“The government should airlift the stranded passengers as there are women and children who are suffering badly,” they said. “The prices of commodities have been hiked as there is no market checking to put the rates in order. Some of the shopkeepers are taking undue advantage of our miseries and we have to pay Rs 50 for a tea cup.”



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