RISE: Transforming education in Kashmir

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RISE: Transforming education in Kashmir

 As an emerging trend, multiple students from across the Kashmir valley are securing admissions for the undergraduate courses at the prestigious Ivy League colleges and other leading Universities of the world.
In an unprecedented feat, Adeeba Tak, from Shopian, secured an admission offer from the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn). Additionally she has been offered 100% scholarship, which covers her tuition and lodging costs at one of the best universities at the planet. She will be pursuing mechanical engineering there. Founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1740, UPenn is one the most prestigious universities of the world. It boasts of producing 30 Nobel laureates and 25 billionaires - the most by any University at undergraduate level and its alumni include 2 US presidents, and a significant number of Fortune 500 CEOs.
Adeeba said, “I was thrilled to receive the confirmation email from UPenn on 29th March. I struggled a lot for this result. I took multiple examinations such as SAT general and SAT subjects while juggling my JEE preparation. I had to finish my essays for the college applications during October when everyone around was studying for board examinations. I am thankful to my parents and mentors who supported me and counselled me at every step. Without the support of my mother this would have been impossible. And had it not been for my mentors at RISE, especially . Imbesat, I would have not known about SAT examinations.”
“Adeeba was hand-picked by RiSE team in 2015 when she topped the first edition of RiSE talent search examination. Over the past two years, Adeeba has consistently worked hard in the pursuit of her childhood dream of becoming an aeronautical engineer. It’s only because of her tireless efforts and trust in us, she achieved this feat. I am confident that UPenn is just the beginning, an ideal launch pad for her incredible journey of learning and growing ahead”, said Imbesat Ahmad, of team RISE. Additionally, Adeeba has an admission from University of California, Santa Barbara.
Another student, Moin Mir, from Srinagar, bagged an admission offer from Princeton University in the department of Computer Science with a scholarship. Princeton is consistently ranked among the top 3 universities of the world to pursue engineering in Computer Science. It is the fourth-oldest institution of higher education in the United States. With 63 Nobel laureates, 14 Fields Medallists and 10 Turing Award laureates, Princeton is extremely difficult to get in owing to very high applications to selections ratio. Moin is one of the very few students from the country to get a perfect score of 800/800 in SAT Physics 2 and Mathematics.
Speaking about his achievements Moin said, “I am very thankful to Allah that I got the acceptance from Princeton. Ever since class 9th I dreamt of studying at one of the best universities of the world, however, I lacked the knowledge of the process of applying. Many factors are responsible for this success which includes my schooling experience, debating and basket-ball, at Burn Hall and the lessons at ALOHA. However the turning point came when I joined RISE, which not only counselled and guided me for college admissions but also made me realize my potential. All this would have been impossible without the unconditional support of my parents.”
Additionally, in the first round of college admissions, Emar Ali, another student from Srinagar, secured an admission offer from the Purdue University. Last year, Sheikh Moazin, secured admission offers from the Princeton University and the University of Washington. The common thread across all these students is that they were students at RISE. At RISE, they were made aware of these educational opportunities and guided on preparing for the SAT examinations and the overall college admission process, which includes personal essays and stories submission.
Salman Shahid, of team RISE, said, “It’s a deep sense pride and jubilation when we see our students achieve such results despite their difficult circumstances. I have seen these students prepare for SAT examinations without the internet, or not being able to get relevant books delivered due to disturbances in Kashmir. Their results are extremely significant, not just for them but for their juniors who will get inspired to chase similar excellence. I can already see the impact of Adeeba’s success. I see girls and their parents inquiring about SAT exams, and willing to apply to the best universities of the world. Thanks to the incredible feat of these students, the otherwise impossible dreams have been transformed to achievable goals.”


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