Prevention than cure

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Prevention than cure

In one incident related to narcotics trade, police is said to have arrested a truck driver with 17 kgs of poppy in Kathua district, while as in another, a man who had evaded arrest for his involvement in narcotics smuggling has been nabbed in Jammu’s Bari Brahamana. In the last couple of years countless reports on narcotics smuggling in and out of the state have appeared in the press. The state police in January said that in year 2017, 1213 persons were arrested in connection with anti-drug drives and 888 cases registered against drug peddlers. Should it be a concern at all? Police arresting drug peddlers and smugglers at the rate we have witnessed in the last few years points to one of the two facts – either there is a more powerful narcotics mafia operating in the state or the law and enforcement agencies are so weak that smugglers and peddlers have got emboldened on a mass scale. It can be both. While as police has been claiming about winning the war against the ominous trade by nabbing the dealers, there doesn’t appear to be any break in the chain. Besides talking about its innumerable victories so far, the police has also tried to mobilize opinion on the dangers due to the nefarious narcotics trade. It provides solution as well – organizes workshops and seminars on addiction and runs a de-addiction centre. While people are made to believe that the society has nosedived into decadence from which extraction may be impossible, doesn’t it say about the ineptitude of the law and enforcement agencies that are not able to weed out this problem in the first place? Drug addiction is an effect of the cause that police and law enforcement agencies are unable to plug. Had there been zero peddling and smuggling of drugs there would be no addicts – that is what common sense concludes. Also, the way arrests have been made in different districts there is a pattern that hints at establishing of the drug trade routes. How large consignments of drugs escape the check posts and what kind of vigil is being kept and maintained by the enforcement agencies invite serious doubts. So instead of focusing on the good work of running campaigns on drug addiction, the police can set a better example by giving us a zero-narcotics state. By reaching the root of the problem, there would be no need for cure at a later stage when only the least could be done.                            


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