Powers, mandate of admin

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Powers, mandate of admin

Around this time two years ago, the weather had changed for worse with recorded minimum temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. The Meteorological Department’s forecast back then about continuing dry weather vexed a lot of people in Kashmir, particularly the farmers. This year too farmers were in despair following the untimely snow that valley witnessed in the first week of November. After fruit growers claimed they had incurred huge losses, certain bodies and political parties started demanding compensation to the farmers. In both the years (2016 and 2018) the state was also battling with the power crises with routine cuts and schedules for Kashmir formulated by the power authorities. With the rapid onset of winter, people of Kashmir on the one hand have been grappling with power cuts and on the other hand piling up their winter stock. In both the years, the state administration’s role to look after the needs of the people cannot be devaluated. It is the job of the administration to see if people are facing any difficulties regarding civil supplies, medicine in hospitals and health care institutions, whether people have needed stock of fuel and ration for harsh winter months, etc. But this time around, the administration has started to invite the ire of the people with political controversies often making rounds in the state. Almost all mainstream parties have on more than one occasion expressed their resentment on the functioning of the administration in general and the State Administrative Council (SAC) in particular. After BJP legislator and former deputy chief minister Kavinder Gupta claimed that the administration was changing rules in Permanent Resident Certificate, the entire political leadership, with the exception of BJP, is up in arms against any such proposal or plan. Although Gupta’s claim has been refuted by Governor Satya Pal Malik, some damage has already been done. The administration is getting branded as carrying out ‘political plot’ without seeking consent or consulting anyone on the matters. Earlier, the administration (with SAC approval) said about privatizing the power distribution which led to the protests by employees of power department against the government. Then came the SAC spoiler on J&K Bank, a move to declare it a public sector undertaking. Once again the decision was met with more protests, and SAC got more entangled in controversies with political leaders across the spectrum questioning its intent and purpose in the state. Winter has set in, the administration does not seem to be interested anymore in civic issues or problems faced by the people every day. As some political leaders have opined, the administration has to be clear of the mandate it has and the powers it has assumed and is trying to exercise.          




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