Power cuts

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Power cuts

Dear Editor,

This is regarding unscheduled power cuts in Kanipora, Meganwaji in the last few weeks due to which people are suffering badly in these harsh days of winter. The area is metered but the power supply is worse than unmetered areas. There is no time schedule followed in the area by the power department. Recently, a distribution transformer got blown and took almost two weeks to restore and that too after involvement of a private repairing unit. This area has a huge influx of new residents and the power load has increased significantly in the last few years. Despite that the power authorities have not upgraded the transformer or installed a new one with greater load capacity. It is requested that higher officials take notice of the power cuts in the area and the power demand (in terms of load) so that the transformer doesn’t get blown out again and again.


Meganwaji , BK Pora


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