Poll boycott

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Poll boycott

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the poll boycott announced by NC and PDP in the coming ULB and Panchayat elections. The mainstream parties have rightly announced their decision to boycott the polls as we have seen how Kashmiris are being treated in the state and outside the state. But there is fear also that by allowing the free space to parties like BJP and their cohorts, the mainstream parties are allowing them to bloom in Kashmir. When BJP candidates will win the elections they will try to exert their influence especially in rural areas. NC and PDP must think about that also. The parties must not only boycott the coming elections but all elections that are held from time to time. It is the right time to show the BJP government its right place. But as I have mentioned, all parties must be careful as many “undesired” people may try to spread their wings in the absence of local contestants. We hope the mainstream parties have thought about it and will do the necessary if it comes to that.

Mailk  Bashir


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