Political uncertainty in Kashmir outcome of broken promises: Hakeem

Published at January 19, 2019 12:32 AM 0Comment(s)1182views

Jammu, Jan18-

Saying that the prevailing political uncertainty in the state was the result of broken promises; Chairman PDF Hakeem Yaseen Friday said that all political parties are equally responsible for the ongoing bloodshed and mayhem in the state especially in Kashmir valley.
In a statement issued Hakeem said that political parties should take responsibility of the political mess created by their wrong Kashmir policies during last 7 decades adding that they should openly apologize before the people for their betrayals and follies instead of indulging in mudslinging against each other.
Hakeem said same parties are nowadays seeking massive mandate from the people on the plank of safeguarding Article 35-A but they forget that the memory of people was not so short lived that they could be deceived and exploited once again this time.
He said all the mainstream political parties in the state should rise above their political affiliations and join hands to jointly seek ways and means for taking people of the state out of the swamp of ongoing death and destruction. "By changing colors like chameleons, they cannot befool the people of the state this time," Hakeem maintained.



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