People protest against lack of irrigation water in Bandipora

Published at April 25, 2018 11:01 AM 0Comment(s)2760views

M T Rasool


Hundreds of people, especially farmers, Wednesday held a demonstration over the lack of water to irrigate 10,000 acres of land in Bandipora.

Rising Kashmir has learnt that the people from Qazipora, Watapora, Kaloosa and Nathpora areas of the district assembled near SP Office to demonstrate against the lack of irrigation water for over 10000 across of paddy land spread across the township.

The protesting people, especially farmers, accused Public Health Engineering Department (PHE) of mishandling the multi-crore project of beautifying Nallah Madhumati a main source of irrigation water in the area.

The protesting people told Rising Kashmir that: “Department is working on the beautification plan but it didn’t take care of tributaries meant for irrigation purpose. We are unable to irrigate paddy lands.”

Pertinently, NHPC in view of 330 Megwaat Kishen Ganga Power Project approved multi-million project of beautifying the streams, carrying dam water, but the executing agency (PHE) according to protesting farmers have blocked all the tributaries and streams meant for carrying irrigation water.

“We are unable to get the irrigation water as the beautification project has led to the blockade of all irrigation canals,” a protester told Rising Kashmir.

He said that PHE mishandled the project which led to the lack of irrigation water.

Protestors claimed that the funds allocated for the repair of irrigation canals were allegedly misused, even none of the canal were remodelled which has created immense problems for farmers.

Protesting people demanded that an investigation be launched into the use of funds besides demanding availability of irrigation water.

Assistant Engineer PHE (Irrigation) Iftikhar Nadeem told Rising Kashmir that department is looking for the permanent solution of the problem.

“We have initiated the work in the irrigation canals which will take some time. We appeal the people to cooperate,”Nadeem said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner Bandipora Khursheed Ahmed Sanie told Rising Kashmir that he would look into the matter.


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