PDS officials

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PDS officials

Dear Editor,

We have been informing the government and concerned department about the bungling in ration distribution. The ghat munshis are the most corrupt officials in the government who had made millions be hoarding the ration that was meant to be distributed among the people. If I may ask the public distribution authorities, from where do hundreds of shopkeepers get commodities like sugar, kerosene, flour, rice, etc.? They buy it from people who are associated with ghat munshis. There is a nexus between ghat munshis and their facilitators who help in selling the public ration in black markets. Government must issue a report card to be signed by the people who fall under the ration ghats. People should inform the government about the dirty deals made by munshis through this report card. Those officials whose report cards show complaints should be immediately removed.

Firdous Malik


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