PDD’s curtailment schedule shocks consumers

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Kashmir to face 6-14 hour power curtailment

PDD’s curtailment schedule shocks consumers


The newly issued electricity curtailment schedule by Power Development Department (PDD) has left consumers shocked as Kashmir region will face 6-14-hours of load shedding.
“This has become a habit of government. Rather than finding an alternative, they (Govt) always comes up with these illogical curtailment schedules,” said, Farooq Sidiqi, an entrepreneur from central Kashmir’s district Budgam.
“Governor sahib had assured that with his appointment, Kashmiris won’t have to face such curtailments. But we can understand, these statements change when Darbar shifts to Jammu.”
As per the schedule, there will be six-hour power curtailment in metered areas of Srinagar and Budgam districts and nine –hour curtailment in non- metered areas.
In Srinagar, the metered areas have been divided in three slots, were people will face two-hour power cuts in the morning, afternoon and evening. In non-metered areas, people have to face three hour curtailments divided into three slots that include morning, afternoon and evening shift.
“We are used to such curtailments. Unfortunately on one side government wants consumers to obey orders and on the other hand, they violates our basic rights,” said, Shabir Ahmad of Batamaloo, Srinagar.
“During winters, we are in dire need of electricity but to our utter disappointment, government comes up with unjustified load-shedding schedules. Instead of working on such issues, government adds to our woes,” he said.
Ironically, as per the PDD schedule in some metered areas like Magam, Khag, Beerwah, Arizal, Wadwan and SanoorKilipora, curtailment of nine hours is necessitated, while in non-metered areas 12 hours curtailment is will be implemented.
In rural areas the situation will be even worse. The average power curtailment in south Kashmir’s two other districts-Kulgam, Anantnag will be 6 hours in metered areas and 10 hour in non-metered areas.
The Pulwama and Shopian will be worst affected where the PDD said it will provide only 6-8-hour power supply in a day.
The PDD said that the supply hours will improve substantially after permanent restoration of 132 kV towers.
“Normal curtailment schedule to come up afterwards,” it said.
The metered areas of north Kashmir’s Baramulla and Kupwara districts would face 9-hour power cuts and increase to 12 hours in non-metered areas.
In Bandipora would face 10 hour power cuts in metered areas and 14-hour in non-metered areas.
The metered areas of central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district will face 6-hour power cuts and 12-hour in non-metered areas.
However, the PDD said that with the commissioning of 320 MVA Alestang Grid and Augmentation of Delina Grid to 320 MVA, the power position will ease out and curtailment hours would reduce drastically.



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