Paradoxical tuition teachers

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If Siberia can afford to keep school open in -30 degree way not us at 27 degree less than them

Paradoxical tuition teachers

Javeid Hassan Malik

Hardly an hour had passed after an announcement of 12th class results that social networking sites especially Facebook started getting flooded with Alhamdulillah status updates. Alhamdulillah moment is like once in a blue moon type of moment on Facebook which one updates, when one achieves some feat in life be it getting government job, getting awarded with scholarship, getting good marks in exams, finding someone to love, getting married or getting blessed with birth of baby.

Following the same tide of Alhamdulillah updates one of my known faces on Facebook who teaches chemistry in private tuition centre uploaded picture of one of his students with caption reading, feeling proud of you for getting 100 percent marks in Chemistry paper.

I was puzzled on seeing this as he is same person who teaches hundreds of students in his coaching centre and he is endorsing one student on Facebook and ignoring poor performance of rest 99percent for his monetary gains in tuition business and he is not ready to take responsibility of those students who failed to even pass in chemistry even after collecting hefty amounts in tuition fee from them.

It seems like he seems to be following the same dictum of Success has many father’s but failure is an orphan.

I fail to understand to whom these coaching centres are accountable, from past ten years these coaching centres are turning into hub of money minting machines with no accountability for all the wrongs done on poor students.

I fail to understand why government can’t take an action on these coaching centres when it has become mandatory for every coaching centre to get registered with DSEK before starting this so-called business venture.

I can say with some authority that our administration has very little say in working of these coaching centres,if they had an iota of an authority over these centres, our coaching centres wouldn’t have dared to exploit poor students by collecting hefty amounts from them by setting arbitrary rates at their own discretion without caring about economic background of students as if they are giving them oxford standard of education.

Our tuition centres wouldn’t have been crowded with students like our public buses with no particular ratio of students to teacher and it has been found in majority of the cases an average tuition class has student to teacher ratio of 100:1 while as per the guidelines of DSEK it should have been in and around 30:1 and our tuition teachers smokescreen this limitation by turning on to microphone in classes,now mic has become essential teaching aid in tuition centres.

Majority of teachers who teach in these coaching centres are government teacher they are the same people who pressurize authorities for winter vacations citing reasons of lack of infrastructure and proper heating arrangements in schools.

I fail to understand how come do they manage to do the same work in private tuitions which they fear in government schools. They bear the early morning ChiliaKalan chill to rush to tuition centres.

Same teachers make students to sit on dusty rugs, when they could have afforded well buffed benches in school, they teach in poorly ventilated rooms under CFL lamps when they could have afforded better facilities at school.

Answer to these queries is very simple it’s the greed of money which is pushing our teachers to tuition centres rather than schools.

The onus here lies on the people at helm of handling our education sector, they have a responsibility which comes with authority.

If they can suspend high school teacher for failing to deliver the good results in matric results why can’t they tighten noose on tuition centres for exploiting poor students.

Why can’t the put strict guidelines in the form of, amount of fee to be collected, facilities to be available and most importantly ratio of number of students to teacher plus accountability for poor results.

But I am sorry to say it seems like our authorities are hand in glove with these coaching centres they are not bringing forward a single reform in this sector.

Few years back they banned government teachers from taking private tuition classes, but this order remained confined to paper and no action was visible on ground.

I don’t think banning the government teaching from private tuition is everlasting solution to this growing menace of private tuitions.

Better solution would have been to awaken the conscience of teachers by making them realise, do they justify their monthly salary that they draw from government exchequer with amount of work they put in schools and then compare their salary with private school teachers who get one fourth of salary of government school teacher yet they are made to teach six classes in one day as compare to our government teachers who get tired after taking two classes.

Also, state needs to take steps to decrease the span of these winter vacations to curb the menace of growing coaching centres.

If Siberia can afford to keep school open in -30 degree way not us at 27 degree less than them.

Author teaches chemistry at GDC Boys Baramulla




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