New Habba Kadal bridge fenced to preserve Jhelum

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New Habba Kadal bridge fenced to preserve Jhelum

Musaib Mehraj

Srinagar, June 20:

Authorities have fenced the new Habba Kadal (bridge) on both sides to stop people from throwing garbage into the river Jhelum and avoid its pollution.
Days before the Eid-ul-Fitr, the bridge was fenced to mark an improvement in the environment and put an end to the garbage which locals take out from their homes and dump into the river.
Habba Kadal Bridge was the main junction were people used to throw their garbage into river Jhelum due to which the water across the area would get polluted and stinky emanating an ominous smell thereby degrading the surrounding area.
People are happy over the new development. They said they believe the surrounding environment would improve and also preserve the river Jhelum.
“Government should have done this earlier because we have suffered a lot. People used to throw waste matter into Jhelum that degraded the river and ultimately the environment,” said Danish Nabi, a local resident.
Danish said dumping garbage in open becomes a breeding ground for eagles and crows around the bridge which is cause of fear among commuters to walk along the bridge.
“Since they have fenced it people have heaved a sigh of relief as the smell is now gone to a great extent and will help the environment in the area improve gradually,” he said.
Shopkeepers in the area gave a mixed reaction towards the fencing. They said garbage is now dumped in front of their shops.
“Fencing the bridge is good but we asked them not to fence it from our side since it would affect our business. But the problem now is that the garbage is being dumped outside our shops during evening hours,” Mohammad Ahsan, a shopkeeper said.
MLA Habba Kadal, Shameema Firdous while talking to Rising Kashmir said, “People used to throw the garbage into the river that degraded the Jhelum so I decided to fence the bridge keeping in view the preservation of the water body.”
She added that dogs and eagles were on the prowl putting the safety of residents at risk. People have heaved a sigh of relief since fencing was completed.


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