ML concerned over alleged harassment of Kashmiri youth outside

Published at November 09, 2018 12:27 AM 0Comment(s)1344views

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Srinagar, Nov 08:

 Strongly condemning the harassment of Kashmiri students Muslim League Jammu and Kashmir said that Kashmiri youth are being targeted on every front in and outside the state. The spokesperson of the party said registering sedition charges against Kashmiri Students and issuing show cause notices clearly exhibits the approach towards Kashmiri students.
He alleged that education institutions have been turned into torture centres for Kashmiri students outside the state. “India is not a safe place for Kashmiri students. They are suspected everywhere and beleaguered simply because of their Kashmiri origin,” the ML spokesman said.
He said that Kashmiri students are being made scapegoats and their careers are being jeopardized. He termed this as “well-planned conspiracy to keep youth away from the education and push them towards darkness and illiteracy”.
Muslim League demands immediate arrest of all those involved in the assault on Kashmiri students and ensures adequate arrangements for their safety and security.


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