Mirwaiz pays tributes to Iqbal, says Allama’s heart beat for Kashmir

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 Paying tributes to philosopher and thinker, Dr Sir Muhammad Allama Iqbal on his 79th death anniversary, Chairman Hurriyat (M) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq today said that Allama has not only a distinguished status among the poets and philosophers of his time but his poetry is of cosmic nature and full of the concept of ego (Khudi) as well as the realization of the creator of the universe.
Mirwaiz said Allama Iqbal’s poetry has always played a guiding role for whole Ummah.

Mirwaiz said: “Allama was the first person to give the concept of two nation theory and idea of Pakistan. Allama was basically of Kashmiri origin and he always felt the pangs and pain of the pitiable condition of Kashmiris under autocratic rule.”
Miwaiz said Allama Iqbal always raised a strong voice against the pathetic political and economic condition of Kashmiris prevailing in those days.
He said even though Allama was a poet of universal repute, his heart, however, was with Kashmir and Kashmiris and he would always express his feelings over the helplessness of the people of Kashmir.

Mirwaiz said: “Allama longed to see the people of Kashmir free and living in dignity, with honor.”
He, however, said as the entire world was observing 79th death anniversary of Allama, “Kashmir continues to remain chained in the shackles of forced rule and indignity”.
He said: “Kashmir was passing through the similar despotic rule at present as it was during the days of autocracy.”

Mirwaiz in his statement said the best way to pay tributes to Allama was to follow the path shown by him and bring unity and uniformity among ourselves “to take the Kashmir struggle to its logical end for which lakhs of Kashmiris have offered huge sacrifices”.


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