Medical miracles

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Medical miracles

The state health department seems to have dozed off with serious aberrations observed and reported across the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Earlier, a strike called by doctors was said to have affected the patient care in most of the premier hospitals of Kashmir. Recently, a quack claiming to be a qualified doctor who was running several clinics in north Kashmir was arrested by the police. Police official said that fake certificates of Tariq Ahmad Teli were seized and an FIR 156/2018 under section 420, 336 RPC was lodged against the person and the clinic owner. In south Kashmir counterfeits and re-labeled drugs are said to be sold over the counters to gullible customers, a report about which was also published in this newspaper. Allegations of nepotism and politics in a premier institute have also grabbed headlines in recent past. The obvious question that comes to mind after witness such a state of affairs is what is the state health department doing or has done to keep hospitals and essential services on track. From para medical staff to the level of minister, everyone has tried to purge himself of the ills that have deteriorated healthcare services in the state. To make officials accountable strong action need to be taken against the erring staff starting from the top. In the last ten years or so health ministers have contributed least in framing a better policy or to raise the level of services. An important portfolio, health, it has been disrespected by the governments by handing it over to people who had neither vision nor the acumen to bring some optimism in the field. Even qualified medical practitioners and doctors who have been handed over the reins of institutes have acted no better than clerks. While the institutes, hospitals and departments have been relying on government funds and the contribution from state exchequer, the advancement in different fields and improvement of services irrespective of financial constraints appear to be distant dreams. To expect “extraordinary” from the medical fraternity has become extraordinary. Saturation has been reached wherein institute and departments heads are more interested in bossing around, in perks and incentives. It has infected the lower levels as well with doctors adamant on their demands which recently was translated into better pay or pay at par. Can we expect miracles from the medical fraternity today, miracles that has been a hallmark of medical science and the advancements made in the field? The answer is a downer.


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