Longing for peace

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People who wish to control this world don’t seem to realize that this planet largely controls us 

Longing for peace

Afroz Shah



Jammu and Kashmir region has a breathtaking view when one looks at satellite images of northwest Himalaya. Nature has carved it out of the rocks that guard it from all the sides. Geologists are still arguing about its tectonic evolution, and coming days will shed more light on its formation.

Our present understanding suggests that it was formed by faults that still hold it on its shoulders. And any movement along these faults could potentially shake the whole Valley.

This is an ugly truth that is why we are constantly reminded about it so that we can take precautionary measures.

Similarly, floods keep us on our toes when it rains for long. It seems agony, pain, betrayal, and longings are some of the keywords that are synonymous with the historical development of Jammu and Kashmir, and still hold true today.

This is mainly because of the conflict that has woven us in painful memory throughout the history, and natural calamities have amplified these miseries.

My Ph.D. supervisor, Prof. Tim Bell, used to tell me that once you become a father you will realize the fatherhood of your own father. He was absolutely right. Now that I have kids things have changed for me, and parenthood tough/teaching me new things.

Love, compassion, patience, and care are the words that you will always feel in the eyes of a parent and the ultimate longing to desire a much comfortable life (in all senses) for kids is a dream that parents dream about, and all the times.

From prayers to inception until adulthood kids become heart and soul of parents. And if anything undesirable happens at any stage of their life that could prove to be one of the major devastations in life of a parent.

However, the fact is things happen and often we are unable to control them. Look at smiling faces that were turned into ruins in Syria, Palestine, Pakistan, Kashmir, Yemen, and many other places. What was their fault?

Unfortunately, they were born in conflict zones. But what are these conflict zone, and who created them, and why are we unable to save and secure our kids from an imminent destruction that surrounds us in the present-world configuration.

Look at the map of the world, and see the geographical zones that are currently in conflict, and will further escalate in future. The risk map shown here lists the potential future conflicts zones that are considered the future hotbeds of wars, destruction, agony, and pain.

Unfortunately, our regions are among the most intense future war zones of the world. So, what is this madness about, and why are we unable to reverse it. Why cannot India-Pakistan-China or countries in conflict work together to settle the differences, and work together to bring harmony in the world.

To understand this let us go back to our school days where they used to teach us (perhaps they do still today!) that education brings peace, and prosperity, and as kids we were programed to look at surroundings through that lens.

However, most of educated folks (traditional definition of education; formal education, degree with high grades!), highly skilled, and well trained people are working to bring this planet down. Who destroyed Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, Kashmir and Syria? And they have done it successfully for years and decades of their hard work?

So, the world is fighting with well-educated class to bring peace and prosperity back, which is seized by such people. This battle will be bloody as we are fighting highly skilled, organized, and highly motivated people who love what they do at best; destruction.

The pertinent question is that our kids may soon ask why they do this to the world, which we have watered from centuries of hard work to look greener, happier, and wonderful. Something we always teach our kids in schools. This question seems easy yet hard to answer.

So here we are standing on an extremely small piece of planet, which floats in the wilderness of space, thinking how to save this planet. The people who wish to control this world don’t seem to realize that this planet largely controls us.

Ask a geologist and see how things unfold from the birth of this planet until now. The land that you are occupying now has seen much more turmoil than you could ever imagine. Look around and see the fossilized remains of flora and fauna that used to live all round here once upon a time in the geological past.

Remember nature will always have an upper hand on you, because you are on an oblate sphere that is constantly floating, rotating, revolving in the wilderness of space and time.

The concept of nations, and nations that you are fooling around from decades, and centuries has absolutely no value in cosmos.

The grains of nationalism that are implanted in you mostly come from supremacists, and their ultimate goal is to control a particular portion of the universe (remember it is not only Earth now!).

They don’t belong to any people, they use tools like religion, cast, colour, terrorism etc. to sanitize the ugliness of their inner thirst of supremacy. They will never stop. But hello Mr. Control; learn to behave, otherwise, a simple change in Earth’s acceleration will knock you down on your knees.

The atmosphere in which you are immersed is a gaseous layer that was poison once up a time (how I wish geology was a core subject for all of you there).

The current proportion of gases that you inhale are not your creation; oh little creature, like millions of other things to feed your poor belly. Thanks to those tiny little creatures called cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae which are considered to be the potential candidates of bringing the levels of oxygen to the level required for life to be sustained on the planet.

And if this does not make you feel ashamed of your existence then think again of your status in the universe the vastness of which you can’t even image. Imagine if sun was closer/farther to you the life would have been impossible on this planet. As is the case with most of the planets (like Saturn, Mercury, Venus etc.) that are floating in the universe.

You are a creature that is entirely dependent on its surroundings. Your birth on the planet was again shaped by atmosphere, biosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere, to name a few, and you are not grateful enough to live peacefully on what has been provided to you by someone else.

What control freak are you. Think over it. You are under someone else’s control, and you are thinking to control land, and people. Go and get a life mate!




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