Liquor ban

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Liquor ban

Dear Editor

Consumption of alcohol is prohibited in Islam. Alcohol is one of the root causes of many problems that people face in the present day world. Its consumption results in death of countless men and women. Alcohol increases the level of depression, results in breaking of relations, redoubles the crime rate, makes a person and family financially more dependent and makes the minds and vitality of people barren. At places where the consumption of alcohol is high, many serious crimes like rape, molestation and manipulation of women are committed by the alcoholics. The most despicable acts of fornication, prostitution, domestic violence and other crimes result by liquor consumption. This can be proved by the statistics of various national and international agencies engaged in collecting of such data. Coming to the adverse impacts of alcohol on health it impacts almost every system and subsystem of human body. People who take large quantities of alcohol for long periods of time develop risks of mental breakdown. Alcohol impacts the motor coordination and decision making capabilities of a person along with emotional imbalance. Other repercussions are increased heart rate, increased body temperature, liver disease and disturbances in appetite and consciousness. It even proves fatal in a large number of cases. After knowing the adverse consequence of alcohol consumption it is up to us to decide what to do. Alcohol consumption is banned in many states and countries. As Jammu & Kashmir is a Muslim majority state, it should also ban alcohol.

Imtiyaz Ahmad


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