Lal Chowk shopkeepers suffer business losses due to illegal parking

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People resort to wrong parking despite slot availability: SSP Traffic 

Lal Chowk shopkeepers suffer business losses due to illegal parking

Zenaira Bakhsh

Srinagar, Oct 09:

 Shopkeepers of Residency Road and other areas of City centre Lal Chowk have complained of business losses due to illegal parking outside their shops. They said they have been suffering as people park their vehicles illegally in front of the malls and shops which hampers the movement of customers.
The shopkeepers said this problem was taken into consideration by the authorities for sometime but later the situation reversed again. Due to unavailability of parking space, the shopkeepers said they often lose sales and leaves them annoyed.
“A particular parking area has been demarcated for those who visit Lal Chowk and adjacent areas to park their vehicles but people still park their cars in front of the shops. This makes it difficult for our customers to park their vehicles, thus affecting our sales badly,” said Riyaz Ahmad, a shopkeeper.
He said even after complaining against the illegal parking many times, no action was ever taken in this regard. This has been happening here since so many years but the authorities take it lightly.
“We have a separate parking area in the basement of the mall but due to rains it is often filled with rain water, making it difficult for us and our customers to park the vehicles. Also the employees who work in the nearby offices park their vehicles in front of the shops and when we reach our shops in the morning, the places are already occupied,” said Muhammad Shafiq, a shopkeeper at Hotel New Residency.
He further said that they recently lodged a complaint about the matter with the concerned authorities but all in vain. The shopkeepers lose their customers because of non-availability of parking space for them. People prefer going to the shops where they can easily park their vehicles and do shopping easily.
Al-Tahir Gilani, Senior Superintendent of Police, Traffic (City) said, “There are around 2-3 paid parking zones in different parts of Lal Chowk but people still park their vehicles illegally particularly in the Residency Road area. We make all possible efforts to stop this.”
He said either the cars parked illegally are taken away by using cranes or sticker challans are used to impose fine. “Violations have been a continuous process but we are working tirelessly to ensure smooth movement of traffic in the City centre,” SSP Traffic (City) added.





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