Ladakh Division

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Ladakh Division

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the creation of Ladakh division and priorities of Governor administration. In Kashmir there is no sign of civil administration in winters. The Governor administration is only interested in political issues of the state and not the well-being of the people. Before elections, this administration is trying to implement all policies of the central government. The Ladakh has been granted division status only to help BJP gain more support and seats in the coming elections. What will Ladakh Division give the people of the region? Has the Indian government made a road in the last over 70 years that one can travel on during the winters and snow? Has snow been cleared from the roads here or anywhere? The answers are No. The Governor administration and the central government cannot fool people always. Most areas of valley are still unreachable due to snow on roads that has not been cleared for five days now. What is the meaning of these divisions and political gimmicks? Patients and pregnant women have been ferried to hospitals on shoulders and the Governor administration is into administration divisions. It was only after media reports about stranded passengers and pilgrims were highlighted that the government came to their help. It is not possible to govern Kashmir from offices in Jammu. Ladakh remains cut off from Kargil for four to five months. If the seat of administration is shifted to Ladakh, what will happen to the people of Kargil? These populist measures by Governor administration to help BJP will create disasters in future. More regions will demand division status and the entire state will be divided. The dream of BJP and rightwing parties seems to come true with these divisions.        

Saqib Nazir



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