KP, Muslim artists to come together for art exhibit after 66-yrs

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Concourse to promote peace, harmony and togetherness

KP, Muslim artists to come together for art exhibit after 66-yrs

Rabiya Bashir

Srinagar, June 12:

 For the first time in 66 years, Kashmiri Muslim and Kashmiri Pandit artists would share a common platform for an art exhibition in Srinagar.
Concourse, the 9th annual contemporary art show, would be organised by Kashmir Art Quest, and International Contemporary Arts Foundation based in Srinagar from June 18 to 24 at Silk Factory, Solina in Srinagar.
The exhibition would be co-curated by Veer Munshi and Syed Mujtaba Rizvi.
The grand exhibition would bring together some important Kashmiri Pandit artists, who left the valley during the turmoil of the 1990s or those who had left earlier to pursue arts and could not return.
The exhibition would feature contemporary artists, photographers, painters, sculptors, installation artists, multimedia artists, performance artists and visual artists from other relevant domains who would enter into conversation with a select group of curators, critics and panelists, and other notable personalities from the art world and beyond.
Syed Mujtaba Rizvi, who founded the Kashmir Art Quest, said the event was going to be held after a long time.
“It will bridge the gap and build confidence among the artists,” he said.
Rizvi said this year, the artists from the Pandit community would come from a plethora of backgrounds like sculpture art, painting, installation art and other art forms.
“The artists are internationally-acclaimed but they are exhibiting their art form for the first time in the Valley," he said. “This event is a message of peace, love and harmony.”
Rizvi said the art exhibition had to be distinct and reflect its unique content.
“This project will not just be historically significant due to its creative and cultural value but also aims to promote the idea of peace, harmony, and togetherness through the medium of art,” he said.
The main aim of the exhibition is to connect Kashmiri public with the multi-talented art professionals who form the developing Kashmiri contemporary art community from within Kashmir and abroad.
Rizvi said the Concourse exhibition arrives to evaluate the present state of Kashmiri contemporary art to determine the challenges and successes faced by Kashmiri artists and those involved in art-making in Kashmiri context, and to examine the current status of the Kashmiri contemporary art community.
“Multiple streams of dialogue will be initiated to establish a greater foundation for established and emerging artists, creating pathways of discussion with curators, critics, and panellists from within Kashmir and abroad,” he said.
Rizvi said Concourse would familiarize Kashmiris as well as people beyond Kashmir with the work of all those participating in the exhibition, in an effort to bring Kashmiri contemporary art to the forefront, to form new conversations, dialogues, forums, platforms and concourses.
Rizvi’s Kashmir Art Quest is an international contemporary arts foundation based in Srinagar.
It has executed some innovative artistic projects like residencies, exchange-programmes, workshops, master classes, travelling projects, online exhibitions and so on which have spanned over 12 countries, engaged over 1400 artists, and reached millions of people worldwide.
The concourse is their 23rd project and 8th annual contemporary art show.


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