Kashmiris attacked on all side

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Kashmiris attacked on all side

On Thursday 10, a mob in Delhi’s Sunlight Colony thrashed Kashmiris, including women, and shouted (as per the victim) “Kashmiri terrorists should be sent back.” One of the victim’s of this unprovoked attack narrating the ordeal said that the attack was planned as some of the attackers were carrying hockey sticks. Although the Delhi Police has registered a case, the commissioner (Delhi Police) refuted the allegation that the group was beaten for being Kasmiris. The commissioner had informed the Union Home Secretary, Rajiv Gauba, that it was a local issue and that the dispute was triggered by the feeding of stray dogs. The record of Delhi Police vis-a-vis how they had treated Kashmiris in the past, highlighted by all those cases in which Kashmiris were falsely implicated and released later, casts a doubt on the police’s claim. Those attacked, with the help of social media, put forth their complaint and grievance before the larger section of people. Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti had to intervene and she urged Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to ensure the safety of Kashmiris living in Delhi. Attacks on Kashmiris outside the state is a serious concern, although it is not surprising. From students to traders and in different states, people of Kashmir have been attacked without any provocations. It is mostly the right-wing fringe elements and their affiliated student wings that have been alleged as the party behind the slew of attacks on Kashmiris. It was after one such condemnable incident that Prime Minister Modi appealed the state governments to ensure safety of the people, particularly the students. But the recurring episodes lay bare the deeper malaise that needs to be attended. Mere promises won’t do when even a weak mechanism has failed. The token designation of Principal Resident Commissioner who had been entrusted with the job of ensuring the safety of Kashmiri students has not helped in curbing the incidents. The state government must come up with a better mechanism to prevent unprovoked attacks on Kashmiris not only outside the state but outside the region. With the free hand given to the fringe elements in some states, where also communal politics and polarization of communities are used for electoral success and maintaining an atmosphere of hatred and fear, it has become necessary to revisit the mechanism and have an inter-state policy. What can be gained from mere assurance of a chief minister (Delhi) whose own party had accused the police of acting like a bully? A bleak reality has dawned on Kashmir as civilians are feeling neither safe in the state nor outside the state.



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