Kashmiri students in Chandigarh form union for students’ welfare

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Kashmiri students in Chandigarh form union for students’ welfare

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 In the wake of incessant hateful attacks on Kashmiri students in many parts of India, Kashmiri students in Chandigarh have come together to form a students’ union.
Kashmir Students Union Chandigarh (KSU), affiliated to Punjab University Students Union (PUSU), is the brainchild of a group of Kashmiri students in Chandigarh, who are concerned over the alarmingly growing rate of attacks on Kashmiri students in many northern and southern states of India.
The prime objective behind KSU, according to its founders, is to work for the welfare of Kashmiri students enrolled in various colleges of Chandigarh and take up their issues with relevant authorities.

“We are aware of the myriad problems faced by Kashmiri students in different parts of India, especially with attacks on Kashmiri students in Rajasthan, Bangalore and more recently in neighboring Haryana,” says Syed Farman Safvi, a co-founder of KSU and a B Tech student at Doaba Institute.
“The sole purpose of forming KSU is to ensure Kashmiri students in Chandigarh feel safe and secure and don’t have to face any problems in their respective colleges.”
In recent months, Kashmiri students have been attacked in many parts of India which has created a sense of panic among Kashmiri students in Chandigarh, says Adil Bhat, a co-founder of KSU who is also associated with PUSU. “In such an environment, it is difficult for students to focus on studies. That’s what prompted us to form a Kashmiri students union that will tirelessly work for the welfare and safety of Kashmiri students studying in different colleges of Chandigarh.”

Apart from safety and security, Kashmiri students in Chandigarh have in the past complained of many problems related to fee structure, accommodation, studies etc. “Every time Kashmiri students have faced any problem, we have approached university authorities and got them resolved,” says Shuja Abbas, another co-founder and BTech student at Doaba Institute. “Now, with this union, we hope to pursue the cases of students more vigorously and ensure all problems are redressed without any dilly-dallying.”


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