“Kashmir situation is only deteriorating by the day”:  CCG

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The Concerned Citizens Group (CCG) Friday said the recurrence of violence, student protests and the video war on social media in Kashmir ought to disturb every right thinking Indian.

In a statement issued to the press the Groups said: “The worst ever voter turn-out of a meager seven per cent in Srinagar bye-poll is a warning of the extent of disillusionment prevailing in the Kashmiri voter’s mind. An erosion of faith in democratic processes may eventually threaten the legitimacy of the State itself. This process needs to be stemmed and corrective measures taken.”

“Whether, it is the death of eight protestors during the Srinagar by-poll, or the injured troops or the student protests, the situation in Kashmir is only deteriorating by the day,” statement said.

“We urge the central government, to urgently initiate a political dialogue to prevent the recurrence of violence in Kashmir and restore the faith of the Kashmiri people in democratic processes to resolve their grievances. A continued reliance on military measures alone to sort out a problem which is entirely political is short-sighted, to say the least and a great disservice to the nation,” it added.




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