Joining politics

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Joining politics

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the political opportunism in Kashmir that has started with people changing sides and joining parties that are likely to win in elections. Many politicians left PDP and have joined other parties. Yesterday, an IAS officer who has resigned was said to join a political party. Joining mainstream political parties is nothing but political opportunism. Shah Faesal could have voiced his views when he was in government services. He was an official of the same government who is responsible for watching the killings of hundreds of civilians in Kashmir. He didn’t have the guts then to resign on moral ground. Today when the state is going to have elections and people are joining National Conference in order to be in power, he has joined the bandwagon. It has got nothing to do with his so-called big talk about civilian killings. He is using these issues the same way other politicians have in the past. He is no different. Politicians make much more than bureaucrats. It is a personal choice of his to have better prospects, no matter who it is. Yesterday it was government of India, today it is NC, tomorrow he may join PDP.

Younis Mir   


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