Jmu Muslims living under continuous fear: Rasheed

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‘Talib Hussain tortured for being witness to Kathua incident’

Irfan Yattoo

Srinagar, August 08:

Awami Itehad Party (AIP) supremo and MLA Langate Engineer Rashid on Wednesday said from past 15 days Muslims in Jammu region are living under constant fear and panic.
MLA accused Jammu Police of working as “Private Army for communal forces in the region”.
Addressing a press conference here, Rasheed said from past 15 days, whole Jammu region was witnessing a ‘Jungle Raj’.
“Every incident gives ample evidence that communal forces are highly polarizing the situation and using state machinery especially Jammu police to bulldoze the genuine voices of Muslims of Jammu region,” MLA said.
He said, it is a deep-rooted conspiracy against the Muslim community in the region.
The political activist Talib Hussain has been tortured on the name of investigation, he said.
“Rasheed said AIP will hold a protest march on Thursday in solidarity with Jammu Muslims and in support of Article 35A,” he said.
Referring to the mysterious death of Murfad Shah killed outside Farooq Abdullah’s house and killing of cattle merchant by Army, Rasheed said both the killings were cold-blooded murders.
He demanded an investigation in these incidents.
He appealed human rights organizations to intervene and ensure that “Jungle Raj” comes to an end in Jammu before it is too late.
Engineer said key witnesses in Kathua minor’s murder case are pressurized and debarred from giving testimony before the honorable court.
“The attempt seems to be part of a state-sponsored shameful conspiracy to hush-up rape and murder case and to silence all those voices who dare to speak for Jammu Muslims,” MLA said.
“Since Talib Hussain’s hard and sincere efforts had helped in reaching to real culprits involved in Kathua minor’s rape and murder is now being harassed and threatened by the communal forces in Jammu,” Rasheed said.
He said always indulging in conspiracies against Jammu Muslims managed through money power taking advantage of Talib’s family dispute, is only to ensure that Talib and other victims are harassed and put pressure on them.
“Is it not shameful for Jammu police to allow even civilian goons of Sangh Parivar to beat him inside lockup and then file a case of attempt to suicide against the victim, who is not a criminal by any standards,” he said.
MLA said statements of the girl accusing Talib of molestation are enough to understand the conspiracy. Her open contradictions have exposed the fact that how the family dispute is being used to defame and demoralize Talib, he said.
“Supreme Court or the government probe in the matter through some independent agency as the designs behind the conspiracy are well known,” MLA said.
Rasheed appealed people in Jammu province to understand the fact that Talib is being dragged into controversy only to delay justice to 8-year Kathua victim.
He said victim does not belong to a particular community but she is the daughter of entire humanity and daughter of Jammu as well.
While demanding CBI probe into the brutal murder of Murfad Shah who was killed outside Farooq’s Abdullah’s residence in Jammu, Rasheed said what is being said to justify the cold-blooded murder makes no sense at all.
“It is shameful that the FIR has been registered against the deceased and not against those who could have arrested him alive even if he would have been having arms with him,” he asked.
“There has been some deep conspiracy behind the incident,” he said.
While referring to another incident at Gool Gulabgarh, while cattle merchant was killed by Army, Rasheed said only FIR has been filed in the incident and no further action has been initiated against the culprits.
He added that “life of Muslim community in entire Jammu province is being made into hell especially by Jammu police and RSS sponsored elements”.
“Mehbooba Mufti stands exposed for yet again by supporting BJP in the election of vice chairman of Raj Sabha and she should understand that her politics of exploitation and deception has no takers,” he said, adding that despite humiliation and being dismissed “she was a class-IV casual labor, she still preferred not to annoy BJP”.
Rasheed appealed PM Modi and Governor NN Vohra to intervene saying that it is already too late to make communal forces and fringe elements accountable in Jammu province.
“Governor should take measures to clean the police administration from such communal elements,” he said.
“There can be nothing more of concern than the fact that the local police officers are being sidelined in police administration and the presence of Kashmiri officers has been reduced to the nominal level, which is unacceptable,” MLA said.
He said removing local police officers from key postings is exposing the “evil designs of those who are always keen to change the demography of the state and marginalize the majority community in J&K”.
“Out of 25 key police officers, only 5 are from Kashmiri Muslims which is again an injustice with the majority community,” he questioned.


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