JLNM Hospital Srinagar: A welcome step

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Services of psychiatrists should be made available in government run hospitals to help people overcome all psychological distresses

Shahida Akhtar

Oct 1St, is celebrated every year as the international day of older persons, to recognize the contributions of older persons and to examine issues that affect their lives. This day is a special day for older people around the world.

Many activities mark the celebration of this day like some radios and televisions or newspapers publish interviews with senior citizens on various issues such as achievements they made to create a better society etc, etc.

Recognizing the importance of the day, the JLNM Hospital, Rainawari came up with the very welcome steps for the well-being of older people.

It was for the first time in the valley that some concrete steps were taken to ensure the accessibility of health care services by the older people.

The JLNM Hospital, achieved the distinction of organizing the first- ever Geriatric medicine (It is a branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of older people); separate OPD and registration counters for older people were also inaugurated by AtalDulloo, Principal Secretary to Government, Department of Health and Medical education.

The numbers of older people are increasing at the phenomenal rate and with the increasing populations health care demand also increases.

Every effort should be made to make health services within the reach of every older people. It is a well-known fact, that older people are facing numerous problems in accessing health services.

Physical distances from home to service locations, long waiting hours, dearth of specialized trained personnel etc are preventing older people from accessing health services and as a result, their health deteriorates with every passing day and they become dependent on their families.

So, in order to help older people to remain healthy and active all the stakeholders need to come forward and help this lot of the society.

The initiative taken by the JLNM Hospital should act as eye- opener for all the hospitals functioning in the Valley and they should follow the suit.

Not only this, the government should also provide free medical consultations, medicines, treatment, diagnostic facilities for all old age illnesses in the hospitals.

The Medical council of India should seriously think of having specially trained personnel to treat geriatric disorders.Geratric care should become a special area for the public awareness and geratricians should be appointed and geriatric wards should be opened in all hospitals.

Geriatric care should be made available in primary health centers in rural areas also because majority of older people lives in rural areas.

Counselingcenters and allied facilities should be established and the services of professional social workers should be utilized to aware older people and care-givers about various chronic diseases and how these diseases can be prevented by the timely treatment.

Kashmir is undergoing turmoil for the decades together and as a result not only physical but mental health problems are also on rise particularly among older people. Older people are suffering from lot of psychological problems like depression, dementia, panic disorders, etc.

The services of psychiatrists should be made available in government run hospitals to help people overcome all psychological distresses.

The stigma which is attached to consulting mental health services should be removed by organizing awareness camps on these diseases. These provisions should be extended to older people in urban as well as rural health settings.

The government should seriously consider and allocate budget to support older people in order to overcome their hardships and lead a better quality of life which can make them productive assets to their family and society.








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