JKVDA demands Veterinary University

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Jammu and Kashmir Veterinary Doctors Association (JKVDA) held meeting with Principle Secretary to government Animal Sheep Husbandry and Fisheries department Asghar Hassan Samoon, where they urged for establishing Veterinary University to cater to the needs of about four departments including Animal Husbandry, Sheep Husbandry, Fisheries and Wildlife.
JKVDA said State has huge livestock population and all the countries across the globe with similar topography and agro climatic conditions are exporters of livestock products like milk, meat, leather and wool.
“To harvest this potential, there is need of a strong and focused research and extension base which only a veterinary university can provide. Even in present scenario, the LS sector is emerging as important growth leverage to state economy and contributes 11% of GDP. Unfortunately the livestock sector does not receive adequate and focused attention it deserves on account of its potential and contribution to the national agriculture GDP.”
They said planning Commission of India recommended establishment of separate veterinary universities in all the states based on the success achieved in the states like Tamil Nadu, Kerela, Tirupati (AP), Punjab, Haryana, UP etc.
“There is need to rethink and remodel the animal sector to make the state self-reliant in quality livestock production and their products.”
Dr AsgarSamoon has given a patient hearing and agreed in principle the demand for creation of State Veterinary University. He promised to take up the matter with concerned quarters within shortest possible time .



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