J&K’s first online Islamic radio channel launched

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Viqar Ul Aslam


In order to provide youth an alternative to music and also inculcate in them Islamic values, Muhammad Amir President of Islamic Global School has launched Jammu and Kashmir’s first Islamic radio station Saut-Ul-Islam (Voice of Islam).
Amir also aims to do Dawha (propagate Islam) bring social changes in the society.
Amir is an active preacher of Islamic values and has shared stage with some of the world famous Islamic scholars like Dr. Zakir Naik, Shaykh Hussain Yee and Abdur Raheem Green.
Inspired by Dr. Zaikr Naik and other scholars, Muhammad Amir started his Dawah and soon founded Islamic Global School. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of Islamic Revival magazine that is very popular among the local populace.
“Some unknown persons threatened me to stop Dawah activities. I raised a formal complaint with police but I have not received any response so far from them. Such threats will not stop me from doing Dawah. Islam is a religion of peace and I will continue to propagate it.”
Muhammad Amir heads the Islamic Fraternity an organisation committed to spreading the teachings of Islam. His vision to start a radio station is to give the youth an alternative medium to music and entertain them with Islamic Nasheeds. He also wants youth to come forward and use their talent in a positive way and help reform the society.
“With Radio Saut-Ul-Islam project, I wanted to give the youth an alternative to music and also inculcate in them Islamic Values,” he explains.
Mir Saqib Mushtaq is an active Nasheed Artist with Radio Saut-Ul-Islam.
“Radio Saut-Ul-Islam is acting as a platform for Nasheed artists that was missing before. The response of people has been overwhelming.”
Radio Saut-Ul-Islam can be tuned in on its website or listeners can also download their android and iOS applications.
Over 2000 people tune into this radio all over the world every day.




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