JK BJP celebrates party’s performance in Karnataka polls

Published at May 16, 2018 04:49 AM 0Comment(s)1377views

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 The JK wing of Bhartiya Janata Party on Tuesday celebrated the performance of Saffron party in the elections of Karnataka the result of which was declared on Tuesday.

BJP emerged as the single largest party with 106 seats in the polls.
According to a statement, the BJP members led by Dy CM, Kavinder Gupta danced on the beats of traditional Dhol and distributed sweets.

“The cadre of BJP was seen in full jubilant mood and was busy in exchanging welcome notes among themselves. This festivity is seen as the expected outcome, where Congress is suffering from the lack of leadership strong enough to counter the strong personality of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is ensuring BJP’s win in every state of the Nation,” a spokesman said in the statement.
Kavinder Gupta, as per the spokesman, while addressing the cadre, said that it is one step closer for making the entire India Congress free, by giving maximum seats to the BJP in every election.
“The public has posed full faith in the governance of BJP, he said, while stating that, this is the result of dedicated work of BJP cadre from top level to bottom. The mandate by people of India has clearly stated that it is fed up with the dynasty based politics of Congress and has high hopes on the able leadership of BJP under the guidance and administration of PM Modi and BJP National President Amit Shah. BJP feels indebted to the people of Karnataka for this love and support,” he said.
Meanwhile BJP District Jammu West under the leadership of its District President Ayodhya Gupta also celebrated the splendid performance of BJP in the state of Karnataka at BJP office, Kachi Chawni, the spokesman added.


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