Jammu Kashmir:An accidental death prone state

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In this technologically developed world, why the authorities lack the sophisticated technology to make it accident free

Azad Hussain


Jammu and Kashmir, the high road accidental death prone state, where the road accidental deaths are most common needs attention from concerned authorities as to why passengers remain at high risk while traveling.

By every passing day you go through the news of several accidents. However, yet no proper arrangements from the government authorities dealing with the building of roads and traffic control,  for safe and secure traffic movements, have been made with the result many people lose their precious lives at the cast of unsafe road connectivity and unsafe driving.

The recent tragic road accident of a minibus near Ramban, which left near about twenty two people dead and many seriously injured, was an eye opener for the responsible authorities and was third of it's kind just few days after the same kind of two accidents took place on a single day in Kishtwar district some two weeks before and left twenty people dead.

After Kishtwar another big accident in Doda district was witnessed just a day after it, which took the lives of four people.

So in a short period of less than three weeks-time the road accidental death tool touched the figure of forty six in the state excluding minor accidents which happen here daily in the state.

Besides these big and dangerous killer accidents, you come through the news of several light vehicle and motorcycle accidents here the day-in and day-out.

In Jammu Kashmir the land is mostly uneven, it's most of the population falls on hilly areas, where the construction of roads needs utmost care to make it more safe, so that people may not be subjected to danger.

Traveling is the necessity for life, you can't avoid traveling, so the safe vehicular movement needs to be ensured with priority. But unfortunately the actual position of roads is totally in shambles.

When you see the condition of Srinagar-Jammu NHW, which is a historical road and is taken up by Beacon-Border Roads Organisation for upgradation from last several years, for which many thousand crores of rupees have been allocated from centre, "perhaps only on papers", seems totally unsafe and dangerous.

One wonders if work is going on to improve the road then why the dangerous stretch of road from Banihal to Ramban is yet as such in a worst condition.

In this technologically developed world why the authorities lack the sophisticated technology to make it accident free.

If on one hand deadly unsafe roads are the reason for such kind of ill-fated accidents , which need to be improved for safe and secure movement of traffic but on the other hand violation of traffic rules is also a responsible factor, which the traffic controlling authorities have to take care of.

If the authorities who undertake the responsibilities of building the roads and the authorities for controlling traffic are main responsible agencies behind the lack of proper measures to ensure safe and secure traffic movements in the state but at the same time you can't exclude the role of common people who are also equally responsible part of the system where the people are more vulnerable to accidents.

You experience in your daily life how the people driving the vehicles here remain in so hurry, drive fast, violate traffic rules, overtake even at narrow escapes and invite the accidental situation by their own.

The stent bikers run so swiftly that your eye sight can't match the speed but you only hear a buzz like sound of fast running bike. You can imagine what the result would be if it touches a small pebble on the road.

When a traffic jam happens you observer the continuous blowing of horns as if God forbid ambulances are carrying the serious patients, it has become the routine for us to follow such kind of bad practices while driving which should be avoided any how to minimise the chances of accidents.

The situation is alarming, so the authorities should wake-up, people should ponder up the sensitive matter of concern and everybody has to play the part to make it possible that road accidents may not happen frequently and so dangerously in future.



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