Islamia College organises Gangbal trek

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Islamia College organises Gangbal trek

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The department of Physical education of Islamia College Srinagar organised a two day Nundkul-Gangbal trek for adventure loving selected students and staff of the college.
A party of 24 under the supervision of Dr. Altaf ur Rehman Director Sports of the college started the trek from Naranag through Botshree mountain at 8:00 am and with some rest a Turukol Medow reached the mesmerising smaller lake Nundkul at 2:30 pm.
After pitching the tents the party had a round trek of the Nundkul lake on day one.
On the second day the party started early to spend more and more time at the bigger and beautiful Gangbal lake.
The students were briefed about the historical and cultural importance of the lake in Kashmiri folklore. The swimming knowing students and staff highly enjoyed a dip in cool, clear and deep clean waters of the lake. The same day some of the staff and students returned back to Srinagar following the same route of Turunkul, Botshree and Naranag....
The department is organising a Great lake trek for its adventure club student members very soon.



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