Inundated streets

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Inundated streets

Half an hour’s rainfall is enough to remove the mask of development from the much touted and to-be smart city, Srinagar. Yesterday, heavy rains inundated a number of streets in the city causing great inconvenience to the people living here. Srinagar Municipal Corporation top officials, the usual suspects and punching bag for water logging incidents in the city, may have anticipated the reaction from the press, as it is routine. However, it is not the failures of SMC to drain out the rain water that we intend to bring to light but that of the department’s that is responsible for building roads and in charge of construction projects in the city. Whether it is possible to design and construct roads that won’t allow water to accumulate over their surface is a question to be answered by the engineers – what a commoner believes is that roads shouldn’t be inundated, least with few minutes of rains. The commoner believes that the administration headed by able and experienced people would work to find a solution and apply the solution. Seeing roads inundated he is forced to think that either the talented pool of engineers, who are highly paid for their services, do not know about such a design or architecture or the administrators are so incapable that they do not know there might be a solution at hand. It is later that the commoner irked by the flooded roads blames SMC for not de-watering the water logged areas. The problem of drainage and water logging, as pointed earlier also is not restricted to the commercial hub of Srinagar but many areas like Nowgam, Bemina, Hyderpora, Chanapora, Indra Nagar, HMT witness rain pools often in wet weather. There is no respite as the inundations are perennial, snow-fed in the winters and after, rain-fed in summers and autumn. Governments have been selling development like any vendor sells a basic commodity, yet the basics are always missing in the developmental drives. Have government’s been shortsighted, or the officials been incompetent while implementing and executing their own plans – they carry a baggage of grievances and allegations. Will the drainage problem in the city be solved ever – it is unfortunate to even think like that. The crème de la crème must cast aside their false pride and wade through the city pools once, bare feet, to get an idea as where they stand. And in case nothing works they should perhaps do what Romans did hundreds of years ago.   


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