Illegal constructions

Published at July 31, 2018 11:46 PM 0Comment(s)2289views

Illegal constructions

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the issue of encroachment of state property. J&K government earlier announced that it would take measures against illegal occupation of properties, be it by the people or by security forces. In the last twenty years the Army has been building permanent buildings and structures that they are not allowed to. They have taken the best place above Badami Bagh Cantonment and have been building concrete structures. Government of Jammu and Kashmir is so blind to allow it happen just before its eyes. The Army cannot build permanent structures and particularly on the beautiful mountains of the valley. They are defacing the beauty of the Valley and the government should take a strong note of it. The people of Kashmir valley are not allowed to build or construct anything in the designated forest and hill area. It defies logic how the Army has been allowed to carry massive construction work and that too within city limits. These structures should be immediately demolished and a notice should be served to the Army.




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