Home for abandoned babies

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Home for abandoned babies

Two days after a resident of Shopian named Manzoor Hussain Banyari tried to abandon his baby in Nowhatta’s Malkha area, the state government has come up with a decision to take care of the abandoned children here. The baby born with rare disease has been admitted at GB Pant hospital and is undergoing treatment. The incident caused an outrage in the valley invoking civil society, medical fraternity, spiritual leaders and the government alike to come to the rescue of the baby who has just been born. The stern reaction to this latest incident of child abandoning may also be because the area where the baby was supposed to be disposed of is popular as a burial ground. While the incident may seem shocking, but given the past episodes wherein parents abandoned their children and at times within the hospital premises where they were born, authorities and government must not be surprised. In February last year a report was published in this newspaper which tried to highlight the issue of abandoned babies that understaffed hospital authorities were unable to handle. A doctor at Lal Ded (LD) hospital said that nurses were looking after abandoned babies instead of social workers in different hospitals here. In the same month a one-month old baby wrapped in a polythene bag was left in the backyard of LD hospital, an area where stray dogs were said to roam freely. Only few weeks before that two abandoned babies were found in the hospital premises. The incident involving the birth of a baby with a medical anomaly becoming an exhibit has once again reiterated the fact that people in Kashmir are still in a stone of sorts.  Minds of people are still controlled by myths and superstition than reason. Ignorance besides weak social and legal systems is responsible for exhibiting such an inhuman trait. Not only new born babies but young healthy children have been reported as being abandoned in the state. In one case few years ago, a girl child was deserted by her caretaker after leaving her with an old and poor woman in Soura. The woman and her family approached the police but police refused to take the custody of the child. Her relatives and neighbors advised her to take the child to different child welfare organizations. But no one agreed to take the custody of the child. Eventually she was forced to keep the abandoned child and raise her with whatever little means she had. The concern was and still is as who is going to take the custody of the abandoned children. Now that government has said it will ‘take care’ of the baby, it is hoped that government has selected the right institution that would adopted the abandoned children.   


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