Harassment allegations on warden was misunderstanding: KU hostellers

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Srinagar, May 15:

Representatives of Kashmir University’s Bibi Aamina hostel Tuesday said the recent arguments between hostellers and the warden was a ‘misunderstanding’ which triggered protests.
The clarification comes two weeks after the hostellers of Bibi Aamina hostel alleged ‘mental harassment’ by the warden. The representatives said, “We discussed and verified the matter. It came to the fore that nothing had happened and it was just a misunderstanding.”
Hostel warden, Lubna Bhat said, “The students tendered an apology and said the protest was outcome of a misunderstanding.”
She said she had not wrong intention towards any student and she never takes any harsh action against them.
Provost of Kashmir University, G N Khaki said, “There was a misunderstanding during the representatives’ election for the girls’ hostel in which it was said that some heated arguments have taken place between the students and officials which created confusion.”
He said the students have taken their words back and resolved the matter.
The students of Bibi Aamina Girl’s Hostel of Kashmir University on April 27 protested against the concerned warden accusing her of harassing the students.





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