Gujjars hold protest demonstration in Anantnag

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Gujjars hold protest demonstration in Anantnag

Shafat Mir


Several members from the Gujjar and Bakerwal community held a protest demonstration inside the premises of DC Office Anantnag against the alleged torture of Gujjar activist, Talib Hussain, in police custody.
The protest was organised under the banner of All Tribal Coordination committee Jammu and Kashmir. The protesters raised slogans against the RSS and BJP while demanding an immediate release of Talib Hussain, who has been on the forefront for demanding justice to the eight-year-old rape and murder victim, Asiya, in Kathua earlier this year. While carrying placards and banners, the participants raised slogans like, ‘We want Justice’, Talib Ko Rihaa karo (Release Talib Hussain). The protesters also raised slogans against the former BJP minister of J&K state, Lal Singh and demanded an early release of Talib Hussain saying the allegations against him were baseless.
“We are protesting against the beating of Talib Hussain by the goons belonging to RSS and BJP associated with Lal Singh. They have severely tortured him in the police custody. If he is under police detention then how are these locals able to gain access to him with an intention to attack him physically? Talib should be immediately released from the detention and if the charges against him are found to be true, let the law take its own course”, said All Tribal Coordination Committee Spokesperson for South Kashmir, Basharat Chauhan.
The protesters demanded an impartial enquiry into the incident and also ensure the justice is provided to Talib Hussain.
“This is sheer hooliganism the way Talib has been brutally tortured in custody. Strict action needs to be taken against those cops who are responsible for torturing Talib inside the jail. Rule of law is equal for everyone and Talib Hussain being a social activist and a representative of Gujjar and Bakerwals, should equally be provided justice. There should be a thorough investigation into the attacks on Talib in custody and if the government fails to do so then the Gujjar Bakerwal community will be compelled to come on roads. Our community has been neglected right since 1947 and if anyone in the community rises up to raise our voice, they are silenced by implicating them in false cases”, said another protester.



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