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Govt serious to make Rajbagh footbridge motorable

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Need to have another motorable bridge over River Jhelum: Traffic Advisor

Govt serious to make Rajbagh footbridge motorable

Muain Mehraj

Srinagar, July 19:

 Amid speculations the government is mulling to convert Rajbagh Footbridge into a motorable one so as to lessen the burden of traffic on Zero Bridge over Rover Jhelum. The administration has felt that there is a great need to have another vehicular bridge over River Jhelum.
Engineers and experts have raised eyebrows keeping in view the traffic flow from the Zero Bridge stating that the only thing that would bring relief in the flow of traffic from the Southern side of the city is either to construct a new bridge parallel to Zero Bridge or convert the existing footbridge near Presentation Convent School to a vehicular one.
Traffic Advisor, Kashmir, Anuj Malhotra while talking to Rising Kashmir said, “We have conducted a study recently that shows around 50 per cent traffic of the entire CBD (Central Business District) area from North, East, West, and South enters and exits through Abdullah Bridge so any new bridge which comes in parallel to Abdullah Bridge will help in the decongestion of the traffic.”
He said that apart from constructing a bridge that connects two roads there is no other way of controlling the ever-increasing problems in the traffic sector in Srinagar city.
“If a new bridge is made or the Rajbagh footbridge is converted to a motorable bridge then only there would be some decongestion of traffic through Zero Bridge,” he said.
Meanwhile, the state administration has also decided to rethink their decision of converting Rajbagh footbridge over Jhelum into a motorable one.
With the Governor seeking expert opinion to ease the traffic flow in the Southern side of the city, the state administration has now decided to consider reconversion of Rajbagh footbridge into a vehicular bridge.
Head Engineer, J&K Projects Construction Corporation (JKPCC), Vikar Mustafa told Rising Kashmir, “Governor has asked us to reconvert the footbridge to a vehicular one so we will be looking to do the same.”
Another official at JKPCC told Rising Kashmir, “We are waiting for the orders from the Governor, at the moment there are speculations going on but once the order comes the bridge can be used anytime for traffic movement because of having its base already meant for vehicular traffic.”
Chief Engineer R&B, Sami Arif Yesvi said, “Since the Governor has sought intervention we have started to examine the bridge once we will sort the matter we will reconvert the footbridge.”
Built at an estimated cost of Rs 12 crore the footbridge was thrown open in January 2018. However, the 120-meter-long bridge was initially proposed to be a vehicular bridge having its foundation and piers that were already laid to be that of a motorable bridge.



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