Governor should hold all party meeting to understand problems of JK: Singh

Published at September 12, 2018 01:08 AM 0Comment(s)1650views

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Chief Patron of National Panthers Party, Prof.Bhim Singh, on Tuesday appealed the Governor, Satya Pal Malik, to call an urgent meeting with representatives of all recognized political parties including non-party ex-MLAs to understand the problems of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.
In a statement, Singh said that “this is important, he argued, for the reason that Governor is holding the command of the Govt. of J&K and is assisted by bureaucracy and the police”.
“The political parties who represent the aspirations and emotions of the people of Ladakh, Kashmir and Jammu need to be consulted to ensure that the urgent problems of the people on the whole are attended regularly and professionally,” he said.
Singh said that the Governor of J&K should understand and the problems of the residents of all the three regions in particular because “each region has its peculiar characteristic and are facing problems in each region which can be focused only by the political parties and the activists”.
“The Secretariat shall be shifted in the first of October from Srinagar to Jammu that shall also need collective wisdom of all the three regions to ensure that the local problems, political, social or economic need to be attended genuinely by the government from time to time.”
“The people of the Valley shall be facing various problems because of the weather conditions and political tension which has a different background as compared to Ladakh and Jammu,” he added.
Singh said that he had also urged the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, to convene an urgent meeting of the representatives of all political parties including the representatives of Hurriyat Conference to seek their constructive opinion on what needs to be done to seek resolution of the problems which the people of three regions of the state are facing.
“I wonder over the silence of Prime Minister on this issue which the Prime Minister of India has to settle one day; today or tomorrow in order to involve the people of all three regions to ensure return of peace and confidence of the people in the governing bodies of the state,” he added.

He said that he will arrive in Jammu on September 12 and will interact with the prominent citizens in Jammu and shall also hold an exclusive meeting with the Panthers Party activists for their participation in Panthers Party get-together in October this year.
“The Panthers Party will decide about the action plan to unite the people of all the regions of the state socially, economically and politically as well with a mission to reorganize J&K so that the residents of all the regions shall be ensured all fundamental rights guaranteed to the citizens of India by the Indian Constitution.”


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