Ganga’s remark ‘bullets only way to deal with protestors’ widely condemned

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PDP, NC, Cong, trade bodies hit out at minister, seek his sacking

Ganga’s remark ‘bullets only way to deal with protestors’ widely condemned

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Hitting out at BJP leader and Minister for Industries, Chander Parkash Ganga, PDP, Congress and National Conference leaders today condemned his remark that “bullets were only way to deal with protestors”.
The leaders have sought sacking of the BJP minister.
Besides, the political leaders, several Kashmir based trade bodies Thursday also condemned Ganga’s remark.
Senior Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader and Vice-Chairman Khadi and Village Industries Board, Peerzada Mansoor Hussain Suharwardy said that such provocative utterances smack of a larger conspiracy “to keep the pot boiling in Kashmir”.
“Such detestable remarks not only reflect the nauseous mentality of some extremist politicians in the State but also expose the larger design of certain elements to provoke fresh trouble in Kashmir so that people are pushed into perpetual educational and economic disempowerment,” said Mansoor.
He said the BJP leaders should understand that any devious effort to flare up the passions in Kashmir would end up in spreading the poison of hatred across the length and breadth of the State and putting the whole state on fire.
“And such an undesirable situation would serve nobody’s purpose except bringing destruction to the State,” he said.
Mansoor said instead of indulging in ludicrous rhetoric, the political leadership, both in New Delhi and within the State, should work through tangible measures towards resolution of the issues to ensure peace and stability in J&K.
“Government of India must engage with the people of the State to find a lasting solution to the Kashmir issue and the issues confronting J&K with a sense of urgency, sincerity and seriousness by resuming the dialogue process not only with Pakistan but with all the stakeholders including the separatists,” he said.
Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Vice-President, Mohammad Sartaj Madni while condemning Ganga’s remarks said the statement is insensitive, unjustifiable and perilous.
“It is unbecoming of a senior Minister in the Government to dish out such a sweeping, sickening and intimidating statement against the Kashmiri youth,” Madni said in a statement.
He said Ganga’s statement was also in contravention to the State Cabinet which expressed deep anguish over the loss of lives in the Valley and directed the security agencies to exercise maximum restraint while handling law and order situations to prevent loss of lives.
“Instead of reaching out to the distressed and alienated Kashmiri youth and address their concerns, the hawkish rhetoric of such fringe elements pose the danger of further adding to the alienation of the people and impeding the government’s efforts of restoring peace and calm in the Valley,” he said adding the unwarranted statements of such fringe elements are negating the basic philosophy of PDP-BJP alliance.
Madni said a responsible government functionary can’t be seen pitching himself against his own people.
“We hope the BJP leadership will take serious note of such uncalled-for statement from a senior Minister of the party,” he said and added that instead of provoking the situation in Kashmir, all the right-thinking people should try to find a way out of the present impasse by engaging with all sections of the society in Jammu and Kashmir.
Reacting to the Ganga’s assertions, the J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) Spokesperson termed his statement as a move to vitiate the atmosphere in the valley.
“It shows the mindset and politics of exploitation on the part of BJP leader, who seems to be more interested in issuing annoying statements rather than talking about restoring peace and normalcy in the valley,” Spokesperson said and asked the Government to come clean on Ganga’s salvo, “as the situation in the valley has already deteriorated due to the mishandling of the situation on the part of ruling dispensation in the State”.
PCC Spokesperson said the BJP Minister has started provoking people in order to achieve something, “which suits his party”.
Condemning the controversial and “communally loaded statement” of BJP Minister, Youth National Conference (YNC) workers called the Ganga’s comments unfortunate and uncalled for.
YNC workers also took out a protest march from party headquarters and burnt the effigy of BJP minister outside TRC Srinagar. The YNC protestors tried to march towards Srinagar’s commercial hub Lal Chowk. However, they were disallowed by police.
Addressing the gathering, YNC leaders said, “Such use of terminology by a responsible minister in the Mehbooba Mufti-led government is very unfortunate and reeks of the communal mindset prevalent among those who are supposed to be guardians of the society.”
While demanding Ganga’s resignation from the cabinet, Youth National Conference Provincial President Salman Ali Sagar Salman said, “It is highly shameful that no one from the government or from PDP has spoken against such rabid comments. It shows the seriousness and the priorities of this government. The whole valley is going through a very volatile phase. Instead of de-escalation, every effort is being made to escalate the situation in Kashmir. This is condemnable and will be resisted peacefully.”
“It is highly shameful that police manhandled our peaceful march and did not allow the protestors to move further. This act of police exposes the tall claims of PDP-BJP government of giving space to peaceful protests. When a major mainstream political party is treated like this, what can be expected from the administration when it comes to handling protests by students and others? The rule of law is completely missing on the ground and any semblance of government is nowhere,” Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani said later while talking to reporters.
Meanwhile, Federation of Chamber of Industries (FCIK) has demanded the sacking of the BJP Minister Ganga for his reprehensible and reckless remarks about the protesting youth of the valley and his advocacy of “barbarian tactics” to tackle these teenagers.
President FCIK Mukhtar Yousuf said that FCIK members have also condemned the statement of the minister and have demanded judicial prosecution of the minister for recommending “barbaric tactics to deal with descent voices in the valley which goes against the very spirit of even Indian Constitution”. He said the FCIK members have called for a social boycott of the minister till he apologizes for his statement.
“His bragging that government forces compelled children to shout slogans against Pakistan reflects the extent of oppression to which people are subjected to by the forces,” FCIK said in a statement.
The trade bodies-Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Inc), Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation (KTMF), have also taken a serious note of the provocative statement of J&K Industries Minister, Chandra Prakash Ganga.
The trade bodies vehemently condemned the irresponsible statement and warned the BJP leadership “to restrain their leaders and cadres from threatening Kashmiris”.
“The use of words, “latoon kay boot baton say nahi mantey” were viewed as serious, based on insanity and adding fuel to fire,” said the joint statement by the trade body.
They termed Ganga’s statement as granting the security forces a license to kill.
“The trade bodies feel concerned and aghast over the threatening statements using irresponsible language,” said the statement, adding: “The irresponsible divisive statement by the political class is nothing but an attempt to justify the killing of innocent youth and unabated pellet firing and teargas shelling on students.”
The trade bodies said the continued coercive use of power shall have serious consequences which could further vitiate the already tense situation.


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