Gang of forgers active in Shopian

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Javid Sofi


A gang using forged stamps and signatures of revenue officers to get bank loans on forged documents is operating in South Kashmir’s Shopian district and its neighbourhood.
Officials from revenue department said that they were taken by surprise when such a case was brought into their notice through an acquaintance who works as manager at a J and K bank Branch in Shopian. The revenue officials informed that it was 16 August 2018 that Mohammad Jabbar Rather son of Ali Mohammad Rather, a resident of Batapora Palapora approached manger J and K bank branch Imamsahib for getting a KCC loan sanction on some revenue documents. They added that as the manger asked for on spot verification of the land as per proposed revenue extract, the applicants fled away which alarmed him about something fishy.
The bank manager informed the concerned Tehsildar about the incident through a letter as well as verbally.
As per an official letter, the concerned revenue magistrate of Imamsahib Tehsil asked for an enquiry to check the genuineness of the revenue documents which were submitted in the bank branch for sanction of KCC loan and it was found that all revenue extracts submitted by the applicant along with stamps and signatures of revenue officers and officials were fake.
Subsequently, the applicant was asked to present himself in the Tehsil office to record his statement. The accused named his adopted son who up on questioning revealed that there is a big gang operating in Shopian and adjoining districts which has made stamps of revenue officers /officials illegally and are making fake revenue documents to get bank loans.
Since stamps of Tehsildars, Naib Tehsildars and Patwaris are very sensitive things, which if not ceased, will have a very bad consequence as for as transfer of property, bank transactions, and issuance of certificates at Tehsil level are concerned.
“It is as such directed that FIR be lodged in the matter so that the matter is investigated and accused are brought to law,” the official letter addressed to Shopian police reads. However, when senior superintendent of police for Shopian, Sandeep Chaudhary was contacted he feigned ignorance with the issue. “I will have to check it,” he said.




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